Assembling the Pi Zero CCTV Kit

Our neat little Pi Zero CCTV kit is the perfect way to set up your own mini surveillance state! In no time, you'll feel like an MI5 spook, capturing covert footage of your unsuspecting gerbils.*

The authentic-looking CCTV sign holds the Pi Zero and camera on the rear, and provides a couple of mounting holes for fixing your camera to the wall.

*Gerbil law may prevent footage being captured without their prior consent.


You should have the following items in your kit:

  • Yellow and black CCTV front plate
  • Clear mounting plate
  • Pi Zero
  • Pi Zero camera cable
  • Pi Zero adaptor cable kit
  • USB WiFi dongle
  • USB A to microB shim
  • Bag of bolts, nuts and spacers

CCTV pieces

Attaching the camera cable

We'll begin by attaching the camera cable to the Pi Zero and camera.

Gently open the camera connector on the Zero, by pulling the little black clips on either side. It's easy to use too much force and break the connector, so really do be gentle.

It's important that the cable is the correct way round. The white tab on the end of the cable should be facing upwards, and the side with the copper contacts should be facing downwards towards the Pi Zero PCB.

Do the same with the other end of the cable, connecting it to the camera, with the white tab facing upwards and the copper contacts facing downwards towards the camera PCB.

When connected, it should resemble the following picture.

Camera connected

Mounting the camera

Turn the yellow and black front plate over, so that the black side is facing upwards. The camera mounts on the right hand side, where there are three holes - two small and one large.

Using the two smaller M2 metal bolts, push them through the two smaller holes, from the front of the plate, so that protrude through the back of the plate, and then slip over two of the black spacers, one over each bolt.

Camera bolts

Now, place the camera over the bolts, so that the lens is aligned with the larger hole on the plate. Use the two M2 metal nuts to secure the camera.

Camera mounted

Mounting the Pi Zero

The two holes on the left hand side of the plate are for mounting the Pi Zero.

Use two of the black plastic M2.5 bolts, and push them through the two mounting holes from the front of the plate, so they protrude through the back of the plate.

Now, using two of the M2.5 nuts, tighten them on the bolts, so that they can act as spacers, to give the USB WiFi dongle space and prevent it bending.

Zero bolts

Place the Pi Zero over the bolts, using the lower two mounting holes on the Zero, aligning the top edge of the Zero with the top edge of the front plate, and then place the clear mounting plate over the bolts.

Use two more of the M2.5 nuts to secure the mounting plate to the bolts.

Loop the camera camera cable back on itself and hook it around the cutout in the mounting plate to take up the slack, as in the picture below.

Fully assembled

Use the USB A to microB shim to connect the USB WiFi dongle, making sure that the Raspberry Pi logo on the dongle is facing towards you.

And that's it! You surveillance state is operational.

Fully assembled, front

That's all folks!

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