Assembling the Heatsink Case

Our heatsink case for Raspberry Pi 4 is a really effective way to silently cool your Raspberry Pi 4, and it looks pretty slick too. Let's learn how to assemble it!

Assembly takes just a couple of minutes, and all of the tools and bits you need are included with your case.

Because the case is metal, and hence conductive, it's really important that you fit the case while your Pi is powered off and unplugged, otheriwse you'll risk shorting components against the case and damaging your Pi!

Assembled heatsink cases

Attaching the thermal pad

Your case comes with a couple of thermal pads, that are used to make thermal contact between your Raspberry Pi 4's CPU, and the aluminium top case.

Note that you'll just be using one of the thermal pads on the CPU! Keep the other as a spare.

The best way to apply the thermal pad is to stick it to the CPU on your Pi, rather than trying to stick it to the case, as there's no way you can position it wrongly this way.

Peel the protective film/paper off both sides of the blue thermal pad.

As well as the white paper on one side, there's a thin, clear plastic film on the other side, and it's important to peel this off too, to make proper thermal contact.

Stick the side that had the white paper on onto your Pi's CPU (it's the stickier of the two sides).

Thin, clear film on thermal pad

Thermal pad stuck onto CPU

Fitting the case

The top case is the taller piece with the cutout for the Pi's GPIO pins. Position it on top of your Pi, with the posts lined up with the four mounting holes on your Pi.

Top case positioned

Flip the whole thing over, position the bottom case (make sure the mounting holes are the right way round), and then screw in the four hex bolts using the little allen key that's included.

Screwing in the hex bolts with the allen key

Your case is now fully assembled and ready to go!

Fully assembled case

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