Building your Pibow

Our lovely Pibow keeps your Raspberry Pi protected from bumps and bruises.

Take your Pibow out of its box and keep the little bag with the nuts and bolts handy.

Before we start to build your Pibow, use your fingernail to peel off the white protective film from each of the plastic layers.

Film peeling off

All of the Pibow layers are numbered in the top left corner, apart from the very top layer, so lay the one without the number aside.

Put layer 0 down with the number in the top left corner, then layers 1 and 2 on top of that, keeping the numbers lined up.

Layers 0, 1, 2

Now, place your Pi so that it sits snugly inside layer 2, with the Raspberry Pi logo the correct way up.

Placing Pi

Layer 3 should sit neatly on top of of the Raspberry Pi. Again, make sure that the number 3 is in the top left corner.

If you have a Pibow Coupé, then pop on the top layer now. It’ll only fit the correct way round.

Top layers

If you have a Pibow, keep placing the rest of the coloured layers on in numerical order until you’re left with just the top clear layer, then pop that on top too with the text along the bottom edge.

Wiggle one of the bolts down through each of the holes in the four corners.

Nuts and bolts

Attach a nut to each of the bolts underneath your Pibow to tighten everything up. You can start them with your fingers and then use the little spanner to tighten them a little more.

Finished Pibow

Congratulations! Your Pi is now safely ensconced in a lovely Pibow!

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